Certified Quality

From the farm to your table, you can trust the United States to lead the world in safe, delicious, and wholesome food. The United States is among the largest producers of food and agricultural products in the world, including millions of tons of chicken, turkey, and duck, and billions of eggs a year. Caring producers, a government committed to high standards, and access to innovative science and technology make US poultry and eggs safe and wholesome.

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Hormone Free

Your eyes aren’t fooling you. Today’s chickens are bigger than they used to be. 90 years ago, the average chicken prepared for market was 2.5 pounds. Today’s chickens benefit from almost a century of improvements in breeding, nutrition, veterinary care, and overall bird health – leaving them with healthier bodies and stronger muscles. While urban legend might tell us that larger chickens are full of hormones, it’s simply not true. Hormones are prohibited by law by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So, you can rest assured that all chickens and turkeys exported by the United States are hormone and steroid free.


Safe to Consume

Like all fresh foods, poultry carry a natural microflora that may contain organisms potentially harmful to humans. Food safety is a top concern to the U.S. poultry industry, and companies work hard and spend millions of dollars each year to improve the safety of their products. In addition, proper handling, cooking and storage is essential to maximizing food safety.

Avian flu is not a foodborne illness, which means you can’t contract it from eating poultry that has been properly cooked. And in the event a flock does test positive, it will not enter the food chain. You can rest assured that your poultry is safe to eat as long as you cook and handle it properly.


Global Export Leader

The United States produces more food products than any country in the world, and chicken is the most popular meat product we produce. Which isn’t surprising – chicken is an inexpensive source of high quality protein that doesn’t climb too high on the calorie scale. Each year, the US exports more than 3.7 million metric tons of poultry (chicken, turkey, and duck) and over 3 billion eggs. Consumers all around the world demand top quality products, and the demand for USDA approved, high-quality poultry only continues to climb.